Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bloody Tourists

Truth be told, I totally geek out at Sydney's history and Ye Olde-ness. There's convict stuff every where! Ye Olde walls and Barracks, Houses, Cottages and Cemeteries every where!

None more impressive than the original convict building, built by Captain Cook himself, punched out of the sandstone cliffs of Sydney by his bare fists, the Sydney Opera House. I had no idea they could build this kind of stuff before the internet was invented.

Seriously though, I'm excited to be doing all of the touristy stuff in Sydney, as an Aussie you grow up with these images and legends but not really get to know them. I really want to de-mystify what they're all about, cut through the advertising and see what they're really like.

Like this for example...

This is a close up of the tiling on the 'egg-shells'. It's not the 1st image that comes to mind (or appears on post cards) when thinking about the Opera House.

The architecture is absolutely stunning, post cards and TV don't do it any justice. Every angle is surprising, the place looks like it's full of symmetry but it's not (technically), it's full of rhythm and balance, nothing seems to truly repeat. It's a fluid and organic space.

I still find it difficult to fathom that this building got built when it did in a country that is as conservative with it's Arts and Design as Australia. It's cliché to say but, it's a testament to not only Jorn Utzon, but to the people who approved it... even if it did take them about 50 years to fully implement Utzon's full plans...

An actual convict...

I'm definitely enjoying exploring the legend that is Sydney, I'm making sure I spend time walking around the streets at our place and at work, checking out all of the nooks-and-crannies.

But that aside, it's just such a cool buzz to go for a run at lunch past the Opera House and around the Harbour.

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